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In this section we've compiled a complete listing of every episode title in the Naruto and Naruto Shippuuden animation series.

To be as complete as possible, episode titles will be provided in both English (translated from Japanese), Japanese, Romanji (Japanese using the Roman alphabet), and American (official titles provided by VIZ Media).

Naruto Episode Guide

While in comparison to many other Anime, the differences between the original Japanese episode titles (translated into English), and VIZ Media's official English titles for those same episodes are minimal; We felt that there is enough of a difference to make it worth offering both.

Below is a complete listing of episode titles from the original Japanese Naruto anime series (translated into English). Official titles from VIZ Media's English dub are located on a seperate page.

» Episode Listing «
001Enter! Uzumaki Naruto
002I am Konohamaru!
003A Rival!? Sasuke and Sakura
004The Trial! Survival Training
005Fail? Kakashi's Conclusion
006Important Mission! Heading to the Country of the Wave!
007The Assassin of the Mist!
008The Determination Vowed to the Pain
009Kakashi the Sharingan User
010The Forest of Chakra
011The Country Where the Hero Existed
012Decisive Battle on the Bridge! Zabuza Returns!!
013Haku's Master Technique, Mirror of Ice Crystals
014No. 1 in Surprising People, Naruto Joins the Battle!
015The Battle with Zero Visibility, the Sharingan Destroyer
016The Seal That Has Been Released
017The White Past • The Secret Feelings
018A Tool Known as Shinobi
019Zabuza Disperses Into the Snow...
020Enter the New Chapter! It's the Chuunin Exam
021Identify Yourselves! The Powerful Enemies That Have Arrived!
022Energy 120% A Modern and Rocking Challenge!
023Defeat the Rivals! All 9 Rookies Have Assembled
024I Fail Already? The Extremely Difficult First Exam
025An Off-the-Cuff Match! The 10th Question That We Must Hold Out On
026Must Watch! Report Before the Forest of Death! Konoha Class Newspaper!
027Second Exam Starts! Everyone Around us is an Enemy!
028Eat or be Eaten! Naruto Becomes Bait
029Naruto Strikes Back! I'm Not Going to Run Away!
030Revive, Sharingan! Finish Move • Katon Ryuuka no Jutsu!
031Fuzzy-brows' Platonic! I Will Protect You to the Death!!
032Sakura Blooms! The Back of Determination
033The Ultimate Formation! Ino Shi Chou!!
034Akamaru Surprised! Gaara's Exceptional Ability
035Absolutely No Peeking! The Secret of the Scroll
036Replication Match! I'm the Main Character!
037Second Exam Completed! All of Them are Here, The Rookie Nine!
038Those Who Pass Cut Down to Half?! It's a Fight Without Warning!!
039Fuzzy-brows' Jealous! 'Shishi Rendan' is Born!
040A Touch-and-Go Situation!! Kakashi VS Orochimaru
041Rivals Clash! The Hearts of the Girls are in Serious Mode
042The Best Battle is All Right, Damn it!!
043Shikamaru Staggers!? A Kunoichi Heated Battle
044Akamaru Joins the Fight!! Which One Will be the Underdog?
045Hinata Blushes! The Crowd Opens Their Mouths Wide, Naruto's Trump Card
046Byakugan Unleashed!! The Shy Hinata's Daring Determination!
047In Front of the Person I Admire!!
048Gaara Crushed!! It's Youth! Power! And Explosion!
049Hot-Blooded Dropout! Finally Unleashed, the Forbidden Master Move!
050Oh Rock Lee! This is the Way a Man Lives!!
051A Shadow Moving in the Darkness. Crisis Approaching Sasuke!
052Ebisu Again! I Won't Let you do Such Perverted Things!
053Long Time! Pervert-Sennin Appears!
054Taught by Pervert-Sennin, It's the Summoning no Jutsu!!
055Painful Feeling, a Single Flower With a Wish in It
056Life or Death!? Risking your Life to Learn a Technique!
057He Flew! He Jumped! He Sank! Enter the Frog Boss!
058The Evil Hand Sneaks Near! The Targeted Hospital Room
059Furious, Intense Chase, and Agressive Dash. The Main Matches Begin
060Byakugan vs Shadow Repliation! I Will Win!
061No Blind Spots! Another Impenetrable Defence!
062Dropout's Hidden Power!
063Disqualified!? Forfeit! Change in Orders! The Tournament Full of Confusion!
064The Clouds are Nice... The Guy with no Interest
065Clash! The Moment Konoha Dances and Sand Wriggles!
066The Man Who Calls up a Storm! Sasuke's Fuzzy-brows' Style Taijutsu!
067I Wasn't Late for Nothing! Ultimate Move - Chidori Revealed!
068Destruction of Konoha Commenced!
069I was Waiting for It! It's an A-rank Mission!!
070Coward No.1 It's Troublesome, But I've Got to Do it!!
071Absolutely Incomparable! A Hokage-Level Battle!
072The Hokage's Mistake, The True Face Under the Mask.
073Forbidden Master Technique - Shiki Fuujin
074Astonishment! Gaara's True Identity
075Going Over the Limit... Sasuke's Decision!!
076Assassin Under the Moonlight
077Light and Darkness, The Name Gaara
078Explosion! These are the Naruto Ninja Chronicles!!
079Break the Limit! Light and Darkness
080The Third, Forever......!!
081The Homecoming in the Morning Mist
082Sharingan Vs. Sharingan
083Ohh Noo! Jiraiya's Woman Trouble, Naruto's Trouble
084Growl Chidori, Roar Sasuke!
085Foolish Little Brother, Hate, and Detest!
086Training Commences, I swear I'm Going to Become Stronger!
087Guts!!! Pop, Water Balloon!
088The Konoha Mark and Forehead Protector
090Exploded Anger! I Won't Forgive You
091The First Hokage's Inheritance, The Necklace that Calls Upon Death
092Yes or No! Tsunade's Answer
093Negotiations Broken Down
094Eat it! Ransengan of Anger!
095The Fifth Hokage, A Life Sacrificed for the Fight
096Three-Way Deadlock Battle
097Naruto's Hot Spring Experience!
098Quit Being a Ninja! A Notice from Tsunade
099The One Who Inherits the Dying Wish of Fire
100Strong Teacher-Student Bonds, When A Man Breaks The Ninja Way
101Want to Look, Know, and Confirm Kakashi-sensei's Face!
102New Mission is Here, Save Justice, Human Hearts, and the Country of Tea!
103Naruto Sunk?! The Big Ocean with a Swirling Plot
104Run, Idate! The Stormy, Trouble-Filled Nagi Island!
105Just Before the Goal! Thundering Into Fierce Fighting!
106Does it Reach You, Idate?! The Implacability of the Last Spurt!!
107I Want to Fight You! Finally a Clash! Sasuke VS Naruto!
108The Unseen Crack
109The Sound Temptation
110Konoha Five + One
111Wan, Invincible Formation Goes In Force!
112Member Dispute!? Shikamaru's Group's Critical Moment
113At Full Power! Burn Chouji!
114Farewell my Friend...! But I Still Believe in You!
115Your Opponent is Me!
116It's Naruto Again This Year!
117A Cool Guy's Burning Battle! The Genius Ninja Will Go Wild!
118To the Rescue! To Be in Time For the Barrel
119A Blunder! A New Enemy!
120Growl! Howl! The Ultimate Tag!
121Everyone's Respective Fight
122Fake! Shikamaru the Man, Who Bets on the Revival of the Dead
123Konoha's Green Beast Appears!
124The Wild Beast Explosion! Like a Bullet Fired to Pierce!
125Konoha's Allied Village, the Shinobi of the Sand
126The Strongest Battle! Gaara vs. Kimimaro!!
127Kimimaro and Gaara, Who Will Finish Their Battle?
128Naruto Chases After Sasuke
129Itachi and Sasuke: A Far Away Existance
130Father and Child, The Cracked Family Crest
131Activation! Secret of the Mangekyou Sharingan!
133Roar of Tears! You are my Friend!
134The Conclusion of the Rain of Tears
135The Broken Promise
136Infiltration Investigation!? Here it Comes, the Ultimate S-Rank Mission!
137The Town of Outlaws, Shadows of the Fuuma Clan
138A Pure Betrayal, Fleeting Wishes
139Fear! Orochimaru's Castle
140Two Beats, Kabuto's Trap
141Sakura's Determination
142The Evil Trio of the High Security Installation
143Run TonTon!
144Rebirth of the Three Man Team, Two People and One Animal
145Explosion! New Formation Ino-Shika-Chou
146Leftover Ambitions and Orochimaru
147Showdown of Fate! I Will Defeat You
148Akamaru Jealous of it`s Ability to Pursue! Find the Phantom Bikou Insect
149What's the Difference?! Don't Bugs All Look The Same?
150Cheated, Deceived, Cheat! Grand Hot Humid Battle
151Blazing Byakugan! This is my Way of the Ninja!
152Requiem for the Living
153Reach the Heart! Iron Fist of Love
154Natural Enemy of the Byakugan
155The Creeping Dark Clouds
156Raiga's Counterattack!
157Run!!! Curry of Life
158Everyone, Come With Me! Great Sweat and Tears Survival Plan
159Enemy or Ally?! Wilderness Prizewinnings
160Take Or Be Taken?! Showdown at the OK Corral
161Meeting the Strange Visitor, Green Beast? Wild Beast?... Rare Animal?
162White Cursed Warrior
163Tactician - Expectations of Koumei
164The Late Supporter
165Naruto Dies
166The Time That is Left Stopped
167The Time The White Heron Flaps it's Wings
168Burn Zundou! Mix, Stretch and Boil it Up!
169Remembrance, The Lost Page
170Impact, The Closed Door
171Sneaking, The Planned Trap
172Despair, The Broken Heart
173Sea Battle, The Released Power
174No Way! Celebrity Ninpou: Jutsu of Gold Element
175Dig Here, Woof Woof! Search for the Buried Treasure
176Zigzag Run! Chase it Chasing it Mistaken It
177OH!? Please ♥ Mister Postman
178Encounter, The Boy that has a Name of 'Star'
179Natsuhiboshi (Summer Day’s Star), Remembered Lullaby
180Secret Technique, Compensation of Kujaku Myouhou
181Hoshikage, The Buried Truth
182Reunion, The Leftover Time
183The Star Whose Brillance Increases
184Inuzuka Kiba’s Looong Day
185The Legendary Hidden Leaf Onbaa Exists!!
186Laughing Shino
187Open for Business!! Konoha House Moving Center
188Mystery, The Targeted Peddler
189Underground Water, Inexhaustible Supply of Ningu
190Insight of the Byakugan! Magnetic User Blind Spot
191Sentence of Death 'Cloudy and Sometimes Clear'
192Ino's Shout! Big-boned ♥ Paradise
193Viva, Dojo Training Challenge
194Bizarre, The Cursed Phantom Castle
195The Third Great Beast, The Greatest Rival
196Clash of Tears! Hot Blooded Teacher and Student Showdown
197The Konoha 11 All Assemble
198The ANBU Also Gave Up, Naruto's Recollection
199Missing the Mark, The Visible Target
200Active Duty! The Ultimate Backer
201Multiple Traps, Countdown to Destruction
202Announcement Today! Sweat and Tears of the Best Five Bouts
203Kurenai's Decision, Team 8 Left Behind
204Yakumo Targeted, The Sealed Ability
205Kurenai's Top-Secret Mission, The Third's Arrangement
206Genjutsu or Reality, Those Who Control the Five Senses
207Abilities That Should Have Been Sealed
208A Rare Item, The Heaviness of the Beauties of Nature
209The Enemy are 『Shinobazu』
210The Forest of Bewilderment
211Memories of Fire
212Their Respective Journey
213The Lost Memories
214The Recovered Reality
215The Desire to Erase the Past
216The Vanished Artisan! Shukaku Targeted!
217Allies of the Sand: The Konoha Shinobi
218Sealed Sand! Suikon's Counterattack
219The Revived Ultimate Weapon
220Heading Out
The final episode of Naruto aired in Japan on February 8th, 2007 on TV Tokyo. The following week on February 15th, the series was renamed from "Naruto" to "Naruto Shippuuden". For more information about Naruto Shippuuden, click here.

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